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A continuación se presentan las ofertas publicadas en la bolsa de trabajo institucional. Dichas ofertas son publicadas a solicitud de empresas, instituciones y organismos públicos y privados para ponerlos a consideración de la comunidad del Cinvestav. Para conocer más detalles o enviar solicitudes, es necesario ponerse en contacto con el enlace definido en cada oferta.

Embedded Software Test Engineer Jr. (ADAS)


The Software Test Engineer design, implements and execute the necessary tests to verify the embedded software. A Testing Engineer is required to test the product or system to ensure it functions properly and meets its requirements.

The job responsibilities include:

1. Prioritize software test activities and consolidate them with the software release schedule.
2. Design software test specifications (test cases, procedures, scenarios and test plans) based on the customer requirements and company policies to accurately assess the software.
3. Create Scripts to automate software tests.
4. Perform manual/automated SW tests according to the SW test specification.
5. Document test results, analyze them and report open issues.
6. Debug and problem solving for issues identified at all stages of the product.
7. Prepare and present responses to action items.
8. Participate in Engineering and Product Development meetings.
9. Work with internal and external suppliers and customers to elicit test requirements and manage deliverables.
10. Provide support to Vehicle application teams for identification of root cause for issues and corrective action plans.

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Algorithms Testing Engineer LiDAR



Modern vehicles that are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and safety technologies help to avoid crashes and thereby save lives. By 2025, ADAS will be a common feature of nearly every new vehicle sold in the developed world.

LiDAR sensors offer the strength of robust 3D pixel level detection at high resolution. Continental uses tailored automotive-grade LiDAR technology for both short- and long-range sensing.

The LIDAR Test Engineer will be part of a team that is going to develop the key technology for Automated Driving, this will contribute to make a safer enviroment.

The main activities for the position are analyze, define, create, execute and follow-up the object to be tested for the ADAS LIDAR products. Support the development team and follow up the dependencies that the Algo testing team requires.

- Define the LIDAR segment test strategy according to the specific component needs and requirements
- Definition of test specifications and scripts for the testing execution

- Support the plan and coordinate the testing activities for the algorithm components

Execute/ Implement:
- Test cases
- Scripting
- Test results reports
- Assurance of traceability between requirements, test specifications and test results
- Results and recordings assessments
- Test Automation
- Key Performance Indicators

- Component maturity
- Algorithm performance
- Requirement compliance

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