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The Cinvestav areas of administration has divided into three departments, the Academic, Administrative Secretary and Ministry of Planning.

By official and according to the Transparency Law, the Cinvestav offers the updated Directory administrative staff and researchers to enable you to have contact with them.

  • DG

Is responsible for formulating plans, strategies and institutional development programs to achieve the goal of training researchers at the graduate level specialists and experts in various scientific and technological.

  • Administrative Secretary

The Administrative Secretariat is responsible for proposing and implementing policies, standards, systems and procedures for safeguarding institutional assets, verify the accuracy and security of the data contained in the register of budgetary and accounting operations, develop the efficiency of management control and oversee the proper administration of financial resources, human and material of the institution.

  • Academic Secretary

The Academic Secertaría is responsible for regulating, coordinating and regulating, academic programs and research projects to develop short and medium term in line with corporate goals specified in the decree of creation.

  • Ministry of Planning

The Ministry of Planning is responsible for coordinating the actions related to the formulation of institutional development policy in science and technology, research and educational development programs and their implementation, as well as directing and coordinating the activities of planning, linking and compatibilization , ensuring that plans and programs that generate, maintain consistency in their design and content.

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